Landscape architecture: A new trend in residential development

Keeping landscape design elements in office or residential area keeps the yard visually appealing, says Hiral Sheth, Director - Marketing & Sales, Sheth Creators.

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Landscape architecture: A new trend in residential development
With extensive growth, industrial & commercial development and rapid urbanisation, land has developed new versions of landscapes. By incorporating landscape design elements in your office or residential area keeps your yard visually appealing and imbibes a feeling of tranquility. 
Most places in the world went through this transition associated to the disconnect they experienced in rapid mass development in a planned or mostly unplanned manner that left out nature while construction and built form took over.
The landscape design is determined by numerous factors including the character of the surrounding landscape, client dictates, architectural style, site characteristics and the scale of the site. 
A large site may allow for the design of a functioning ecosystem using strictly native species. These are few examples of conscious planning efforts made time and again by the community and the civic authorities in partnership with the development authorities and various developers and commercial houses to encourage people to congregate and celebrate landscape in an energy rich built environment.
The changing trend
Landscape designing has come of age. People these days are continuously looking for a landscape design that offers a blend of natural beauty and homely charm. Increasing standard of living has ensured that landscaping becomes an indispensable requirement for homes and commercial establishments all across the world. 
A good landscape design must give a natural feel. Decorating the corner of your home or office can make the enhance the magnificence of the location. Plants also provide a sense of rest that allows home buyers to be more productive.
The effort lies in including nature into the built form by integrating landscape in architectural spaces, town & city planning not only as a makeover to conceal the flaws or beautify the built mass, but to enrich the quality of space and balance the robust built form with the openness and softness of structured landscape architecture.
Landscape architecture has various faces in India. Developers are considering this to be an ideal time to make improvements and upgrades to their holdings. As important as structural and interior refurbishing can be, a building's exterior and surrounding property create that all-important first impression. 
Today, the modest exterior landscaping projects include adding visual, aesthetic and practical dimensions that transform a nondescript commercial property into a handsome and desirable acquisition. For larger facilities, landscape architecture includes redesigning the outdoor parking lots and making the parking area more attractive to passersby and users.
Environment friendly
World over, there has been technological development over time and this has reflected in the construction industry too. Today, cities are planned to grow vertically unlike in the earlier centuries when they were perceived to grow horizontally.
Integrated landscape design is a comprehensive approach to sustainable building and site design. Sustainable residential landscape architecture practices can not only improve the environment, but also increase energy efficiency. 
Integrated site design is a framework for increasing the quality of the built environment, and involves maximizing existing natural systems to minimize energy usage. These types of designs leverage the many benefits of natural systems, thereby significantly cutting down external energy use. Decreased energy usage also means homes are more resilient to shifts in the availability of energy and climate change.
There has been a tremendous change in lifestyle and facilities and amenities that define our life today. A need to explore how nature can reach no bounds of imagination or in reality has made landscape architecture today an integral part of one’s lifestyle at home or at work. 
With these changes, landscape architecture has also started developing a new language. Techniques today allow plants to grow without their natural ground or soil. Green walls, Bio walls, hydroponics, green roofs, podium gardens, land bridges are the new terms in the landscape dictionary that show the transition from hills rivers and the horizon to sky being the limit in the Urban landscape. This language reflects in the new corporate landscape architecture of our country too.
This article has been authored by Hiral Sheth, Director - Marketing & Sales, Sheth Creators

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